"This book is a living example of hermeneutic communism at its best: by bringing together some extraordinary theses and minds, the very idea of  Making Communism Hermeneutical is not simply discussed, but also, and perhaps much more importantly, enacted. A very much needed and refreshing perspective for all those interested in rethinking radical politics beyond both political Eurocentrism and philosophical imperialism." - CHIARA BOTTICI, New School of Social Research, and author of Imaginal Politics.

In Making Communism Hermeneutical, Silvia Mazzini and Owen Glyn-Williams bring together seventeen chapters in which philosophers from a wide range of geographical and theoretical spaces position their thinking with regard to Gianni Vattimo and Santiago Zabala’s book Hermeneutic Communism (2011). Each of these chapters is followed by a response written by Vattimo and Zabala, and the result is a much-needed, lively conversation about issues that matter in neoliberal times of increasing inequality and democratic involution. The book offers much food for thought both for those who have given up hope and for those who have been fighting for a better world for some time. In Heidegger’s words (cited on page 1 of Hermeneutic Communism), ‘changing the world in the manner intended requires beforehand that thinking be changed…’. The contributions to Making Communism Hermeneutical may be seen as step in the direction of a much-needed change in thinking. - DAVID BLOCK,  ICREA Research Professor in Sociolinguistics, Universitat de Lleida


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