One often uses culinary comparisons to characterize great books: creme de la creme, etc. Zabala's book is too important for such games. If anything, it is - or should become - the daily bread of all those who want to find their way in the labyrinth of our ideological struggles. Zabala sets the record straight in the ongoing debate on fake news in which philosophical issues gained political urgency. Fake news are fake precisely because they present their claims as pure facts. The opposite of fake news are not true facts but facts embedded in true interpretations. Those who fight for emancipation will win not just by presenting true facts but by providing the horizon of how to read facts, true and false.


This is a much-needed and path-breaking book, systematically showing how widespread appeals to facts, whether pure or alternative, are not only yet another claim to power, but also a new and dangerous recall to order. An indispensable reading for whoever is interested in the possibility of freedom and survival in our time, this books fully discloses the strength of Zabala’s philosophy and its potential for emancipation.



McGill-Queen's University Press