“Weakening Philosophy does what no other book has done with this major figure in contemporary thought: place him at the center of a dialogue featuring important voices in philosophy today – Eco, Nancy, Taylor, Frank, Welsch, and Oñate.”WILLIAM EGGINTON 
“Following Zabala's very fine introduction to Vattimo's life and philosophy, the first part contains contributions by Umberto Eco, Charles Taylor, Giacomo Marramao, Wolfgang Welsch, Hugh J. Silverman, Reiner Schürmann and Pier Aldo Rovatti. The essays in part two are by Richard Rorty, Manfred Frank, James Risser, Jean Grondin, Rüdiger Bubner, Santiago Zabala and Paolo Flores D'Arcais. The last part is comprised of essays by Nancy K. Frankenberry, Fernando Savater, Jack Miles, Jeffrey Perl, Carmelo Dotolo, Teresa Oñate and Jean-Luc Nancy, followed by Vattimo's conclusion.”BRIAN SCHROEDER


“An outstanding and unique collection. Vattimo has made numerous original, path-breaking contributions to the philosophy of religion, all of which are very intelligently discussed, analyized, and criticized by the contributors” – BARRY ALLEN

 “Ultimately, it is undeniable that Weakening Philosophy is an invaluable sourcebook of critical interpretations of Vattimo, which all future engagements with his philosophy must take into account. Engaging with Vattimoís weak thought is important, even for those who could never accept its conclusions, for it represents an important position in the trajectory of postmetaphysical (post-Nietzschean and post-Heideggerian) thought.” ASHLEY WOODWARD 


McGill-Queen’s University Press and translated in Spanish and Italian.


Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews – Brian Schroeder
Colloquy Ashley Woodward